Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hey Guys! I would like to say Happy Birthday to my co-owner of this site and an amazing friend! We have been through so much, and though we aren't as close as we used to be, I still love her and care about her. I would like to say some nice words about her. She is kind, smart, BEAUTIFUL, funny, nice, sweet, odd, boinky, loopy, Cray-Cray, cute, and and so much more! I love her and I hope she has an amazing birthday!!!!! P.S. She is 13 now!

Fast Facts about her:

1) She loves stuffed animals and nick-knack and cute things.
2) She collects makeup.
3) She is an AH-MAZING dancer. Really. Legit.
4) She has too many clothes. ;)
5) She is a great singer.
6) She got an iPod touch for Christmas.
7) We text everyday, but don't really talk at school.
8) We go to the same school.
9) She is officially a teenager.
10) She is truly a sweet person and hates when people are sad.
11) We have NEVER EVER EVER gotten into a fight. We just kind of drifted.
12) I am so thankful that she forgave me.
13) I love her.
14) Her older sister is dating one of my best friends older brother. ;)
15) She has amazing fashion style.
16) I loved her makeup today. ;)
17) She has so many people that care about her. (Me included)
18) She shops. A LOT.
19) She got a trampoline for Summer.
20) I have always cared about her.

Happy Birthday to my GORGEOUS friend!

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