Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria Secret Model Makeup

Hey Guys! The Victoria's Secret 2011 fashion show just happened very recently. On all of the commercials the models makeup always looks stunning, so I thought I would show you how to re-create this look! (Please note that almost every model's makeup could possibly be different because of their outfit. I chose the most natural look of them all.

Step 1: Models will ALWAYS have defined cheeck bones, so make sure you apply a lot of bronzer.
Step 2: The models always have a glowing face. Apply a highlight to the pinpoints of your face and any where else you want a little more glow, then apply a nice pinky-coral colored blush.
Step 3: Take any shimmery tan color and apply that to your lid.
Step 4: Take a very sparkly gray or medium brown and apply that gently to the crease. Then make a very defined, but curved wing. *Tape helps best with wings.
Step 5: Take any shimmery white color and a very small brush and apply the shimmery white to your lower lash line and focusing on the inner tearduct.
Step 6: Take a gray or light black eyeliner and apply that very lightly to your waterline. How much you apply is up to you. Then apply a lot of mascara or false lashes.
Step 7: Take a mauvie-pink colored lipgloss and apply that to the lips.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekly Favorites!

I love the Bare Escentuals bronzer in warmth. It adds a good amount of glow to my face.

Glo Minerals blush in rosebud is a very rosey color (hence the name!) a perfect color for fall/winter.

The Conair bun maker seriously makes the PERFECT bun. Since i have thinner hair its hard for me to get a full bun so this helps a million times more. (Also comes in blonde)

Victoria's Secret perfume in Secret Charm is a very fresh smelling, fruity scent. I wear it everywhere!

Very unhealthy I know, but so addictive!

Favorite Song(s)!
Haunted- Taylor Swift
The One That Got Away- Katy Perry

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Khourtney Kardashian: Fashion

Hey Guys! I am watching Khourtney and Kim Take New York on E! and I am in love with it! I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so I know I will love this! I am a huge fan of Khourtney and I love her fashion so I thought I would do a fashion video! I hope you enjoy!

Pop of Color

Khourtney rocks this outfit wearing a black cami, a coral-pink patterned skirt, a black bag, and cute black heels! I love this outfit!


I love this outfit! Khourt is wearing a coral floral romper, a white blazer, tiny black bag, and brown heels.

School Girl

Khourtney looks so innocent in this outfit. She is wearing a white long sleeve shirt tucked inside a black skirt, black tights, black and gold heels, and a cute cheetah bag.


A white blouse, a floral skirt with red belt, and nude heels is perfect for this outfit!

Nude and Cute

Khourtney knows her fashion stuff, and this is the perfect outfit to show it. A white blouse tucked inside a nude skirt, nude heels, and gold bag is perfect!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rachel Bilson: Her Best Outfits

Hey Guys! I am becoming such a big fan of Rachel Bilson, so what better way to show much of a fan I am then doing a fashion post about her best outfits. From what I can see, her style is cute, classic, sexy, and a little girly at times, but she looks comfortable in a lot of her outfits. If you have any requests leave them in a comment below or tweet them to us! We love getting new ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Over-sized Scarf

With this outfit Rachel chose to wear a light white cami, a comfy black jacket, an over-sized yellowe scarf, sunglassesl dark wash jeans, and heeled oxfards! How cute! I think this outfit is so adorable!

Comfy and Casual

In this outfit, Rachel seems to look as comfortable as ever! She is wearing lighter washed jeans than the first one, flat knee high black boots, a black leather jacket or blazer, a big white/black/gray scarf, and big sunglasses.

Fun in the Sun

Rachel looks dressy, but not too dressy in this outfit. She is wearing ripped denim shorts, a black and white striped qurter length sweater, an over-sized black bad, sunglasses, and tan wedge typed shoes.

Cute and Innocent

A multi-colored dress including red, white, and black, a black blazer, black cowgirl type boots, and a black bag seem to work very well for this outfit.

Floral and Sleek

Rachel wears a white floral blouse tucked into black sleek shorts and adorable heels that are too cute! This outfit is definiteley a good one!

So Ah-Dorable

Rachel Bilson decides to go so cute with this outfit! An olive colored shirt, black blazer, pretty patterned scarf, cut off jeans, a black and white bag, and heels is sush a perfect combination! Blazers and scarves seem to be her favorite look.

3's A Crowd
In outfit number 1 (far left) Rachel wears a white tank top, a marron or burgandy colored jacket rolled up, a light purple scarf, black knee high boots, a black bag, and sunglasses. In the 2nd outfit Rachel wears a loose tan tank top, a black blazer/jacket, denim jeans, furry boots, a black bag and of course, sunglasses. In the 3rd outfit Rachel is wearing black pants, a white blouse, heels, and a black bag.

Out for Coffee

This is one of my personal favorites with very dark wash jeans, a black and whiter patterned blouse/top tucked inside, a black bag, sunglasses, and knee-high brown heeled boots.

Walking on the Streets

Rachel is wearing a white quarter lengthed sleeve shirt with blue sleeves, a black and white over-sized scarf, dark wash jeans, black ballet flats, and a yellow bag.

Casual Is My Middle Name

Rachel looks so comfortable is this outfit wearing a black oversized sweater, denim jeans, a red bag, and brown knee-high boots!

Rockin' Wedges

I thought I would share with you one of Rachel's best outfits. She's wearing a light blue/purple blouse with dark wash jeans and killer burgandy wedges!


Here Rachel is wearing a simple patterned brown dress with black wedges. So easy and yet so cute!

The Best Hairstyles For Long Hair

Hey Guys! This post will be showing some of my favorite hairstyles for long hair. I personally have long hair so I will for sure need to try some of these out! Enjoy!

Loose Waves

Side Bun

Side Pony With Lots of Volume

Straight With Bangs

Loose Curls

Braided Back

Up In A Twisted Bun

Crimped Pony With Some Curls

The Best Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hey Guys! This will be the best hairstyles for medium hair! I hope you enjoy and if you try any of this styles out, leave a comment on this post or do a tweetpic! I hope you enjoiy!

Big Volumized Curls

Side Swept Bangs With Curls

Bangs With A Twist

Side Swept and Wavy

Split in the Middle and Curled

Curled and Glamorous

Straight and Innocent 

The Best Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hey Guys! I thought I would share with you some of the best hairstyles for women with shorter hair. I personally have long hair, so that post will be going up sometime later today or tomorrow. I hope you enjoy!



Beachy Waves

Short and Simple

Little Bit of Curls

"School Girl"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Samantha Boscarino: Her Best Hair

Samntha Boscarino is women of many talents, but her hair is always top notch looking! These are some of my personal favorites of hers when it comes to hair!

Side Swept Wave

Up and Cute

Loose Waves (My Personal Favorite)

Sleek Pony

A Beanie

TGIF: Black Friday Shopping, Thanksgiving, No School, Parties, Wizard101!!!!

Hey Guys! This week has been pretty hectic and calming at the same time, which explains the lack in posts! I have had such a busy "weekend" that started on Wednesday. I had a friend sleepover. Then Thursday I slept over at another friends house where we stayed up until 4am drawing. She drew Zelda while I drifted off somewhere between 2-4am. We also played Kingdom Hearts, my new favorite game! When I got home yesterday, Thanksgiving, I first played some Wizard101, another new favorite, and then went to a brunch at my aunt's. Right after that I had dinner with my dad and his girlfriend. Then today I woke up at 7:30 in the morning and did some black Friday shopping which was so much fun! I loved it! Then I came home and I did some online shopping as well! After that I went to my dad's, which I am at my dad's right now, and I watched Soul Surfer and The Clique. Tomorrow I will be watching Water For Elephants, doing yet some more shopping with my dad's and going to a party. Sunday I plan on having a dreary day of homework and dreadin the next day back from "Fall vacation." Tell me about your weekend in the comment below and let us now if you did and black Friday shopping! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!