Sunday, August 7, 2011

Picture Day Perfect!

Hey girls! Today I will be showing
you how to look perfect for
picture day:)
MAC Studio Fix Powder

MAC's Studio Fix powder is perfect for the bright lights when you take a picture. It won't give off a glare an won't leave any oily spots. Plus this powder is very matte.

MAC Semi Precious Blush in Goldstone
This Mineralize Skin Finish in Goldstone is a beautiful color because it has a outer circle of a golden brown and a inner circle of a pretty peach color. So you basically have a blush and bronzer in one.

Benefit High Beam

Bare Study is the perfect color because it is very light and a very awakening color. So if you wake up looking a little tired.. this paint pot will make your eyes appear brighter.

Revlon Just Bitten in Dawn
Benefit's High Beam will illuminate your cheek bones and make you look very defined. But be careful to not put too much on otherwise you will look greasy.

Nars Jumbo Eyeliner in Iced Mocha
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in dawn will make your lips look like you ate a popsicle:) It is again a very matte color so the lights wont reflect of it.

Nars Jumbo Eyeliner in iced mocha goes perfect with MACs bare study paint pot, because you want to make sure nothing is too dark. Suddle makeup is key.

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