Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To #2: Look Cute For School!

Today on How To Look im showing you outfits, accesories, scents, and more for school.

78 Blend Top- $12.90
This 78 Blend Top from Forever 21, you could pair with blue jeans or some vintage looking shorts, or even sweat pants!

Sequin Embellished Top- $15.80

A nice funky sequin top in your wardrobe can spice up any outfit. Especially this design on the shoulders does not take away from the shirt.

Foil Feathers Graphic Top-$17.80

I love how this model has this slouchy top paired with colored jeans, so that it adds a pop of color. Perfect top for rainy days!

Burnout Pullover-$17.80
I love the burnout style on slouchy tops. This turquoise color adds a bright surprise. Plus the pockets make it even more sporty and casual.

Interlinked Ditsy Flowers Top-$14.90
What makes this top so pretty is the criss-crossed detailing on the back of the top. It is so delicate looking, but still casual.

Springtime Oxfords $22.80
Oxfords are very much in. And im not a big fan of the plain brown ones, but i love these floral printed oxfords!

Rue 21 Pink Ice Perfume- $9.99

Rue 21's Pink Ice has a very energectic and floraly scent.

Abercrombie Hadley Perfume- $25.00
Abercrombie Hadley perfume has a very musky, girly scent.

Feather earrings are very popular, along with feather extensions. They come in all different colors and sizes.

Chic Statement Necklace- $5.80
This chic statement necklace really does make a statement! With the long gold chains, and the pearly toned stones make it elegant and edgy.

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