Friday, August 5, 2011

Clean & Clear *REVIEW*

 Hey guys! So I've been loving
 the Clean & Clear facial line
 because It really clears the
 acne away fast. Here I will
 show you my favorite products.

Clean & Clear Continuous control acne cleanser
If i have a breakout, my favorite thing to go to is the Continuous Control acne cleanser. It just makes your skin feel soft and replenished.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst scrub
In the morning I'm not very awake so I always go to my Morning Burst scrub. It wakes me up. And I especially love the exfoliating beads in the scrub.

Clean & Clear Advantage acne spot treatment
Gotta blemish? No problem! Whenever i have a problem spot on my face i go for the Acne Spot Treatment. Just dab a little on ur blemish and your free to go!

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