Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What to bring if your having a hard time concentrating(ex. dry skin, chapped lips, hard to find things etc.)

Organized Locker
Having an organized locker will make things so much easier. When you don't have a locker that is organized, you scramble to find things. Especially, when you switch classes every few minutes, it helps to keep you stuff where you know it is. (Recommendations- Shelf,  Organizer cubes,
 sticky notes, dry erase board)

A Planner

A Planner is a basic need for school. Whenever you have an assignment you should write it down just incase you forget.

Hair Ties

It's a pain if you have a test and your hair is in your face! Just wear some hair ties around your wrist, and you can just put your hair up.

Lip Balm

If you ever had chapped lips at school you always lick them! But that just makes them worse. So always keep chapstick in you makeup bag, your pocket, or your desk.

Bobbi Pins
Just like hair ties, you need bobbi pins to pull back any wispys or bangs.

When your hands get dry, you can't help but to not think about them! So take along a (travel size) hand lotion.

Hand Lotion

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