Thursday, November 10, 2011

25 Things to Do This Winter!!!!


Hey Guys! If you didn't already know, Winter is my absolute favorite time of the year! I am so excited for this winter and activities to do with my friends! I am also excited about all of my special themed Christmas posts. I don't want to do my winter posts too early or too lae so please give some feedback on when it would work for you! I hope you enjoy!!! If you don't live in an area where snow is, you probably won't be able to do these then. Sorry. And it snowed today for me! I went outside and I enjoyed it.

1) Build a snowman.
2) Go ice-skating with friends (FastFact: I used to be a competitive ice-skater!!!!)
3) Wear shorts outside.
4) Drink hot chocolate. (Recipe coming soon!)
5) Go sleding!!!!
6) Have a snowball fight!
7) Build a fort!
8) Take a lot of pictures outside of nature. (Will post some I do.)
9) Have a Winter themed party/sleepover.
10) Light a winter candle all throughout winter.
11) Eat a candy cane.
12) Try a Starbucks Holiday drink. (Tried eggnog latte and bleh!!!)
13) Buy fuzzy earmuffs!
14) Have a night where you watch a bunch of Christmas related movies.
15) Dance to a random Christmas song.
16) Listen to Christmas music. (What station is it?)
17) Wrap at least one present. (Holidy Gift Guid coming soon.)
18) Get something winter themed foryou room. (For me it's a miny Christmas tree and much more. Also stay tuned for a Christmas decorating guide!)
19) Bake Holiday cookies! (Recipe coming soon!)
20) Kiss someone under a mistletoe. Ahhhh haha
21) Have a New Years celebration!!!!
22) Get at least 5 holiday things that you can wear/use on a daily basis.
23) Wear fuzzy slippers and cute pjs every night.
24) Play in the snow for at least an hour and have fun with friends!
25) Bake Santa Claus cookies ;) (recipe coming soon)

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