Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things To Avoid While Birthday Shopping for Friends

Hey Guys! Okay so birthdays are such an exciting time because you get to have fun, make memories, and throw parties! The only thing that can sometimes be a pain in the butt is when you don't know what to buy someone! I will be making this post for my personal opinions of things you shouldn't get while shopping. My birthday is this Saturday, November 12th, and that's how I got inspired! Also please note that this is my personal opinion and it may vary from person to person.

1) NEVER buy clothing for a friend because they will feel uncomfortable if you get them a size to big or a size too small. This is mostly for girls. You are better off getting a giftard.

2) Some people don't like recieving giftcards because they like the fun of opening the presents! Personally I like opening something, but I am okay with anything.

3) Giftcards are uaually the way to go if you don't know what to buy someone, but keep them in mnd and think of stores that you know they love and that no one else would think of because this would make them feel like they got something a little but specialer.

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