Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria Secret Model Makeup

Hey Guys! The Victoria's Secret 2011 fashion show just happened very recently. On all of the commercials the models makeup always looks stunning, so I thought I would show you how to re-create this look! (Please note that almost every model's makeup could possibly be different because of their outfit. I chose the most natural look of them all.

Step 1: Models will ALWAYS have defined cheeck bones, so make sure you apply a lot of bronzer.
Step 2: The models always have a glowing face. Apply a highlight to the pinpoints of your face and any where else you want a little more glow, then apply a nice pinky-coral colored blush.
Step 3: Take any shimmery tan color and apply that to your lid.
Step 4: Take a very sparkly gray or medium brown and apply that gently to the crease. Then make a very defined, but curved wing. *Tape helps best with wings.
Step 5: Take any shimmery white color and a very small brush and apply the shimmery white to your lower lash line and focusing on the inner tearduct.
Step 6: Take a gray or light black eyeliner and apply that very lightly to your waterline. How much you apply is up to you. Then apply a lot of mascara or false lashes.
Step 7: Take a mauvie-pink colored lipgloss and apply that to the lips.

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