Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to Chistmas: Easy Christmas Nails

Hey Guys! This series is called countdown to Christmas! I will basically be counting down the days to Christmas! This post is a tutorial for super simple Christmas nails.

Step 1: Take any tape and make a straight line across all of your nails.
Step 2: Take any green or red glitter polish and fill in the open area on one side of the tape.
Step 3: Take any black nail striper (can be purchased at the dollar store) and make some random lines (1-2) and make some little end marks like on the picture to represent the base for the lights. (Shown in picture above.)
Step 4: Take a lot of colored stripers (yellow, blue, red, orange, etc.) and draw a bulb shape.
Step 5: Put on a topcoat and your finished!!!!

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