Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Fashions!

Hey Guys! This post is going to be all about winter fashions for 2011. Yes, it's sad to say, but it is winter, and yes, it's cold! I know that a lot of people do no like winter because they think it's too cold, but be ready to bundle up with these winter fashions!

Ankle Booties

These are a must have for the colder months, and they will go with almost every outfit you have. Cute, warm, and match almost everything! I can't find one thing bad about that! Something that people might not like though, is the heel. If you aren't a heels type of girl, than these probably aren't for you.

Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are very controversial this time of year. Since it is very cold outside, sweater dresses might not be for you, but if you put tights underneath and a cute cardigan, I think you'll survive. Every women struggles with finding something that fits them right when it comes to clothing, but sweater dresses are something that I think can "hug" everyone perfectly.


Metallics are so in right now! Metallics are something that I think every single women, or men, can pull off. They do make a statement if you go a little overboard, but they can look cute and relaxed if you pair them with all mattes and neutral colors like nude, black, gray, etc. I personally love metallics and I think that everyone should give them a try!

Trench Coats

I would say that trench coats are the number one trend for winter this year. They will be seen on every runway and you will see people wearing them on the streets. Some trench coats can look a bit "trashy" and not put together, but others can fit the body beautifully. They are a great thing to stay warm with this winter and they are sold almost anywhere.

BIG Coats

One thing that I have been spotting a lot are big coats. Now I don't mean puffy, like the Old Navy commercial, I mean big, like over-sized. They can be furry, leather, lace, or silk and they will be big. At first you might see these big creatures and say, wow that is hideous, but if you try it on you might like it. Now this I personally don't thing everyone can pull off, but for the people that can, they are lucky. And if you are very curvy, these might not work for you because it will make your hips look bigger.


Similar to metallics, sparkles are very in. I think sparkles will always be a trend that's in, but you will see more sparkles in winter than any other time of the year. I love wearing sparkles during the holidays because they really just make me happier as crazy as that sounds. Sparkles are so cute, but be careful to not buy to cheap or too expensive because if they are too cheap, the sparkles may fall every where or they might itch. And don't buy them too expensive because who knows, maybe sparkles will eventually fall out of trend.

Puffy Coats

Puffy coats are another trend for winter. I know before that I said puffy coats aren't really trend, but I was talking about overly puffy. This specific coat is not overly puffy and fits the body perfectly. I personally have a hard time finding the right puffy coat because some can make you look, well, pudgy. Some puffy coats can even make you look shorter or more dense. This specific outfit fits the puffy coat well, but not all puffy coats will go with everything.

Neutral colors are something that will always, and have been, in, but they have been seen more now then ever. These specific outfits fit so well with this category and neutrals also make people look skinnier. Something I love about neutrals is they go with basically everything. They are so cute, but yet you don't have to hide them in your closet and wait for winter to come again. I love neutrals and I think that everybody should own a couple staple neutral items.


Like neutrals, vibrants are also very in. Vibrant colors are usually for the summer time, but they have been seen on a lot of runway shows this year. I think that everyone should own at least one staple vibrant item in their closet because they are something that you can also wear in the summer. A lot of people don't like wearing vibrants in the winter because it's too "out there", but if you find a sneaky way to hid it, like put on a bright cami with a brown cardigan and jeans, then they will work for everyone.

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