Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide For Girls!

Hey Guys! If you are stuck on what to buy a special lady in your life, here are a few things that I will be giving. These things are what most women would like to recieve! Enjoy!

Animal Hats

I think that these are a great thing to buy because not only are they warm, but they are so adorable!


This is a tricky one because some people prefer certain scents and they might not like the one you cose so I only recommend this if you really know the person.

This is the one that I will probably end up buying for  my friends because they are so warm, so cute, and almost every girl I know loves scarves!


Books can sometimes be a tricky thing to get girls, but this book is a very good one to buy. I received this last year for Christmas and I loved it! Such a good read with some awesome tips!

IPad 2

This is for the women that  you really want to splurdge on because this is something that I think everyone would love to open on Christmas!

Dr.Dre Beats Headphones

This is another very expensive item to buy, but if the person you are shopping for really loves music, this would be a great thing to buy for them.

Nail Polish Sets

Nail polish is one thing that I think every girl would love to recieve! The Kardashian Kollection is one that I want to try out very badly!

DVD Sets

I think that everyone would love to get a DVD set of their favorite show. One that I would personally like is Full House, but you could choose whatever the person your buying for likes.

Makeup Palette

Another great thing to get a special women is a makeup palette! I think that any girl that loves makeup would enjoy recieving this because it is so nice to try out new colors! If they have a lot of makeup already, then try going for one that has less colors because maybe they wouldn't want much more makeup.

Touch Screen Gloves

These are good because you want your hands to be warm, but you may also want to be on you phone. These particular pair are from North Face, but I got some at Target for $10 and they had a ton of colors!


Many girls would love to recieve candles for their home, but it's the same type of thing with perfume. A candle might be too strong or too light for them or they just might not like the scent.

LUSH Products

LUSH is a great way to go because I got some of their things for Christmas that I adore and even though their items are a little pricey, they are so good and totally worth it!

Brush Sets

If your shopping for a person that wants new brushes, then the new Sigma Bunny brush set is the way to go. I think that any women would love to recieve makeup brushes.


If you love photography like I do, then maybe you should get that special someone a camera. This specific camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and this is the one that I want, but it is about $800, so this would be a very expensive gift to buy, but I think it's worth it.

Ice Skates

Ice skates are a great thing to buy for someone. I used to be a competitive ice skater for 3 years, so I personally would love this gift, but not everyone would enjoy these.

Slipper Boots

I LOVE slipper boots and I get a pair for Christmas every year! I think that these are definitely something that everyone would enjoy!

Fuzzy Blanket

I love fuzzy blankets and again I get one for Christmas every year. I think that these are so good for the winter time and definitely keep you warm!

I hope that this was at least some what helpful!

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