Friday, December 23, 2011

TGIF: Winter Break, Ice Skating, Christmas, Parties, Cooking, Movies, Moving, and More!

Hey Guys! I have a lot going on this week/weekend and I thought I would be sharing with you guys what is kind of going on. First of all happy holidays! I can not believe that it is almost Christmas! That is truly insane to me! I started winter break today so I do not have school today, next week, or Monday! Yesterday was a pretty chill and fun day at home. Tonight will be fun because I am going ice skating with one of my friends and then I am going to my dads house and we will be having a sleepover! The next day is Christmas Eve and I will be going to my dads house and opening presents, having dinner, etc. and then I will come back home to my moms house. Then on Christmas day I get to open presents, watch Christmas movies, and of course, drink hot cocoa! A huge thing that is happening in my life right now is that I will be "moving." I won't be moving into a new house, but i will be switching rooms with my mom as part of my Christmas present. I already picked out the bedding and quite a bit of the furniture! We will probably start painting the day after Christmas and get it all done before winter break ends! I will also be baking cookies and a bunch of other food as well! And to find out what I am doing for New Year's, be sure to tune it to next weeks TGIF! As always I hope you guys enjoyed and Happy Holidays, from our family, to yours!

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