Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nina Dobrev Fashion

Hey Guys! I am such a big fan of Nina Dobrev so I thought I would share with some of my favorite outfits of hers! I find her to be one of the most fashionable people out there! I hope you guys enjoy!

Nina goes very neutral in this outfit wearing a gray camisole, a black blazer rolled up to a quarter length, black skinny jeans, black strappy heels, and a big bag!

I am in love with this matte black and shiny teal dress! I think it fits her style well!

This black and white lace and pink dress is so pretty! The black heels compliment this outfit very well!

This is probably my favorite outfit because the white textured dress and green, black, and silver heels go so well together!

This outfit is so pretty! A white flowy top tucked inside a black pencil skirt and ankle booties is so cute! I think that it is definitely feminine.

Nina looks so beautiful in this navy blue tank top, light wash denim jacket, red beanie, and a big black bag!

I think that Nina looks so gorgeous in this black fuzzy sweater dress! It looks so cozy!

I love this blue satin top tucked inside an off-white bubble skirt! So cute!

Nina looks so pretty in this blue teal-blue dress!

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