Saturday, December 3, 2011

Countdown To Christmas: Holiday Makeup

Hey Guys! Today's countdown to Christmas is a holiday tutorial. This look is perfect for a Christmas party or any kind of party. Red lips are always in for winter, but you don't have to go as dramatic. Do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Step 1: Take any shimmery tan eyeshadow and apply it on the lid.
Step 2: Take a slight dark matte brown and apply that lightly to your crease going no further than half way. Then make a slight wing.
Step 3: Apply a lot of mascara for your lashes to look really good.
Step 4: Take a nice matte red lipstick and apply this to your lips. If you mess up at all or you want to define it more, take a small concealer brush and use concealer to cover it up or make it more defined.
Step 5: Take a light shimmery pink and apply that slightly beneath the apples of your cheeks.
Step 6: Take a nice white/gold highlight and apply that to the pinpoints of your face and anywhere else you want to glow more!

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