Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall and Back to School Needs!!

elf Glitter Gloss in Twinkle Pink
Elf's Glitter Gloss is
perfect because it is
not sticky and
provides the
perfect amount
 of sparkle.

elf Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon
Another elf product is the Condtitiong lip balm in Mellow Melon.
Its not sticky and has a velvety consistency.

Essie Carry on fall collection

  • Carry on- Plum
  • Glamour Purse- Soft Nude
  • Case Study- Creamy Beige
  • Power Clutch- Khaki Green
  • Very Structured- Burnt Orange
  • Lady Like- Soft Pink

Essie's new Carry On collection is made for Fall! These are beautiful colors resembling Fall, Leaves, and everything Fall!

Forever21 Triple Lacquered Necklace
Forever 21's jewelry is so trendy and appropriate for any season. You will definitely make a statement wearing this chunky flower necklace.

Toms Silver and Gold Slip Ons
Tom's Gold and silver sparkly slip ons are perfect for any outfit. 

Fun & Colorful Scarves

Bright Eyeliner
Make back to school fun! With bright and colorful scarves. You can find these anywhere. I would recommend Target, and Forever21.

Just like the scarves, try some bright eyeliner! Brown and black are boringg. They're are plenty of shades for you to experiment! Any
 sort of brand would work!

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