Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips 4 U: How to Customize Your School Uniform

Hey Guy! Today is a brand new series called Tips 4 U. This is where My friend and I will be giving you tips and tricks, and some advice. Keep in mind that not all of these will work 4 U!!!!!

This tip 4 U is how to express your personal style even if you have a uniform, without getting detention!
- Find out your school's uniform policy, how much you will be able to customize and decorate your school uniform depends on how strict your school is. You don't want to go to far and risk detention. 
- Most schools don't insist that you wear a certain size or length so if you like your clothes to be loose, then I recommend a blazer in a size up. And if your school allows you to, you could add pins or whatever decorative pieces you want to that blazer. 
- A tip that can be useful for not only people with uniforms, but also for people that go to public school, is depending on if you have to wear a certain type of shoe, you can get white converse and take sharpie's and design them with cute patterns. 
- If you have to wear a tie with your uniform then I recommend trying out different styles and knots. You could try your tie to be very short with a fat knot or you could do a long tie with a thin knot. Test out both ways and see which one you like best.
- Find out what items you can choose for yourself and then really express your personal style. For your backpack you could add a colorful key chain or pins. You could ad colorful shoe laces to your shoes, and you could also make a new hairstyle for yourself with different pins.
- If your school only insists that you wear a certain color than you are in much luck because you can express yourself in many ways. For example, if your school insists that you wear red and gold, then you could got for a gold skirt and a loose red shirt tucked in.  

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