Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Items For College Dorms!

Hey Guys! I thought I would share with you some items that I thinnk would be good to put into a college dorm because I know that some of you may be going to college and might want some help on how to spice up a dorm or save some space!

Decorative Pillows
XOXO Organic Pillow CoverDream Wish Forever Organic Pillow CoverStand Out Organic Pillow Cover
I think that pillows can really spice up a room, especially ones that have quotes or cute phrases! all of these are from!!!!!!

Clothes Covers
 SKUBB clothes cover, set of 3 lilac
These are great if you have a lot of parties in your dorm or your messy and spill things a lot they can cover your clothes very well! You purchase these at

Wall Shelf
LACK wall shelf green Length: 11 3/4
These are great if you have tiny  bedroom and need more space. If your college allows holes in the wall, than you should really consider getting some of these! Get them here

Clothes Pole
Clothes Pole - Natural
These are good if you live somewhere cold and need to hang up jackets or these are good for holding your purse and a few items. Get it here:

Valet Stand
Valet Stand - Espresso
This is so good to have if you don't have your own bathroom at your college then you can get ready here! It can also hold shoes and other items! Get it here:

Double Hang Closet Organizer
Double Hang Closet Organizer - Chrome
If you and your room mate have to share a closet, these are great to split the closet in half and then you will have more space for your clothes! Get it here:

Hanging Shoe Shelves
Hanging Shoe Shelves - Blue (11.5
These are great for holding more of your shoes if you bring a lot or love shoes or tend to buy a lot of shoes! Get them here:

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