Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites #3

Hey Guys! This Friday I have quite a lot of shows that i would like to talk to you about!

Wii Fit Plus

I got this for Christmas last year and my Wii has been broken for little bit now, but just yesterday it got fixed and I was on it for 30 minutes. I think it is a great workout and my favorite things to do are the games, yoga, and the strength exercises.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I love this show so much and think it's great!

Pretty Little Liars

This show never gets old and I love it to bits and pieces!

EOS Hand Lotion

This is one of the moisturizing lotions I've ever used, and it has a peculiar scent to it, but it is still amazing.

The Lake
I love going to lake with friends! I actually just went yesterday and had a lot of fun!


I love dance and if you didn't already know, I'm starting my third year this year! I love dance and have so much fun!

Greyson Chance

I know that many girls like Greyson Chance, and many don't. Personally I think he is great and is really good at what he does!

Ariana Grande

I love Ariana Grande and her style! Her voice is amazing and recently she posted a video of her doing impersonations of other people like Katy Perry and Willow Smith! Watch the video here:

Kendall Jenner

I think that Kendall Jenner is a great model and I am in love with her personal style! She always looks great on the show!

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