Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites!!

eos lip balm in Lemon
I love July because it is soo warm
 and everything's in bloom.
 Here are some of my
 favorites in this month:)

Claire's Braided Headband
I love the eos lip balms so much because they last forever, smell good, and they're organic.

This month i love to put headbands in my hair mostly because they keep the hair out of my face and they can add to an outfit.

PINK's Fruity and Bright scent is the perfect summer fragrance because it just smells like flowers and summer:)

Lip Liner is great for summer to get fuller and more rosy lips. I love putting it all over my lips to get a softer affect.

PINK Fruity and Bright
For summer I go outside a lot so i don't want anything heavy on my face. I skip foundation and just put on concealer because it is much lighter than foundation.

Glo minerals blush in Rosebud is a beautiful color because it is a rosy color that gives a nice flush of color to your cheeks.

I used the example RIMMEL Natural Bronzer because it has a dark color to it and it looks very matte. But really I prefer any bronzer that is darker and matte.

Wet n' Wild Lip Liner

glo minerals Concealer

glo minerals blush in Rosebud

RIMMEL Natural Bronzer

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