Friday, August 26, 2011

How To #3- Get Cute Hairstyles for Fall

I love the top knot buns! They look great with any outfit.


  • Flip you hair over and gather it into a high ponytail
  • Secure your high ponytail with an elastic (Preferably your hair color)
  • Twist your hair around the elastic and pin the bun with another elastic, or bobby pins.

A fishtail braid compliments any face nicely and looks gorgeous when it is loose and messy!


  • Gather hair to one side.
  • Then start part that side of  hair you took and part it in two sections.
  •  Then take one piece of hair, cross it over to the other side. (That piece of hair you crossed is now apart of that side of hair)
  • Take another piece of hair and cross it over to the OTHER side. (And that piece of hair becomes apart of that side!)

The sleek pony tail hairstyle is very simple,and fast, but stylish!


  • Gel back your hair into a medium high pony (Or however high you desire) Secure it with an elastic
  • OPTIONAL- Take a thin strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic then pin it in with a bobby pin to make it look more sleek

The snake braid is a little twist on a regular braid.


  • Grab a medium size section and start braiding that section.
  • When you get to the bottom of your hair take the outer two sections (Or the outer left and right pieces) Put them together and bring it all the way up.
  • Then it will look scrunched, but you just have to spread it out.

This style is perfect for the people that dont have the best hair days!


  • Gather your hair into a low, loose ponytail.
  • Create a part right above your ponytail so your ponytail has a place to fit through.
  • Then, grab your ponytail and push it through the gap that you created. After pushing it through, tighten the ponytail so it looks more done.

I do this dancer bun hairstyle so much. It's so simple, but yet put together.


  • Gather hair into a medium high ponytail. (DO NOT USE ELASTIC!)
  • Then, twist your hair into a circle like shape. (Use your hand as a guide)
  • Once you have a pretty good bun shape, wrap your elastic around the bun until it is secure.


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