Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Blog 2012 New Years Resolutions

Hey Guys! New Year's resolutions are a fun thing to do to set a goal for yourself and this year I have a a couple goals for this blog that I need your guys' help with! I will share them with you and hopefully you guys will help me out because I will do a post on anything you guys would like and get it up the day we find the request if it's appropriate. Here are my resolutions:

1) Get at least a 100 followers by the end of the year. I know this is a huge goal, but I would love it so much if you guys would help get to get to that goal! We already have a few that we are so thankful for, but we always want to welcome new people because this is a very fun community so please tell your friends, co-workers, random people on the street, anybody!

2) Make a post everyday. I know that this is a HUGE commitment, but I think we can do this with your motivation. I know I already missed New Year's and the 2nd, but hopefully I will stick to it. There will for sure be some days that I will miss while traveling, but I hop you guys understand!

Feel free to leave comments of requests! And help us reach our goal! Love you guys!

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