Sunday, January 22, 2012

Am I Nothing? Confidence Is Key!

Hey Guys! This post is basically about boosting your confidence. Now I will admit that my confidence level is pretty dang high! I do not let what people say hurt me or offend me unless something a bit more serious. I know that girls getting older might be having some bullying issues in school or cyberbullying, etc. You might get made fun of or picked on or..... I don't know. Anything! A lot of people get put down every day and most of that has to do with boys. Now I will admit that in the past I used to be o uncomfortable around boys, but now my confidence level is off the charts when it comes to boys! Boys are like my best friends and I have a lot which I am very lucky to have them because honestly they are all amazing! They give such good advice and don't start a lot of drama. Really. Okay enough about boys, now about the mean girls. Definition: Girls who they can do and get whatever they want, treat people awfully and judge you for everything. Luckily I do not have one of those girls in my life to put me down, but i have in the past and let me tell you how it turned out. First off my story: This mean girl was very popular in about 1st grade (don't judge) and she had the whole grade wanting to be her. Her mom was the captain of girl scouts so she was known very well. Anyways so she would always comment on how she would tell the principle on me or tell the teacher on me (Ha! Dang still can't get over how I was afraid of teachers) and she would always just have people be mean to me and I couldn't stand it. The worst part was: she was my best friend. Anyways then I got to move and I went to a new school and moved in the middle of the year. People treated me like I wanted to be and they cared for me and were so nice to me. That was honestly probably the best social experience I could have had. Anyways now I am happy, and have a good life. The old mean girl is now a loser (not to be mean but she was mean so I don't know what else I could say about her) and she doesn't have a lot of friends. Moral of the story is the old mean girl might be the new loser. Now I'm not the loser and she is. The switches got flipped! She deserved it. Anyways what I'm trying to say about this whole thing is people worry to much about being nothing and really, you are something. You could be something. And sure maybe you have a few selected people that love you, but they love you more than the world! Be lucky that you have someone. And I recommend getting all your feeling out in a journal because you can tell it every thing you feel, it will never judge you, it's a great listener, and it will never spill how you really feel. I hope this was a bit helpful! Love you guys!

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