Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did You Guys Watch Pretty Little Liars A-Day?

Hey Guys! If you watched PLL yesterday, were you disappointed? I was because, even though I love the show, they didn't reveal the true A. SPOLIER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!: So in the books we all probably know that Mona and Ali's twin sister is A. Well ABC networks said A is different in the books then in the TV series. Well in the show they showed Mona as A and then she did fall off a cliff, like in the books, and so I was mad. And then at the end for the A scene, the real A walks up to Mona and Mona says "I did everythin;g you asked." Then in the previews it showed that Mona isn't the only A. So I was disappointed.  :/ But AMAZING acting!!!!!!!!!!

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