Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween TAG!

Hey Guys! I am coming to you with the Halloween TAG! I would strongly suggest that you do this tag in the comments or send it to our e-mail! I TAG my co-owner to do this TAG!

1) Favorite Halloween movie?: Halloween Town movies and Casper
2) What age did you stop trick-or-treating?: 12 years old (I got braces that year)
3) Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?: M&M
4) What are you going to be this year?: Me, Myself, and I
5) Do you like going to haunted attractions?: Yes I do. Depending on the place and how scary it is, also who I'm with!!! 
6) Vampires or Wherewolves: Vampires!!!!!!!!!!!! I am as pale or paler than one!
7) Favorite Halloween candy?: Candy Corn!
8) Do you decorate your house?: No, only the inside not the outside.
9) Least Favorite Costume: Toilets!!!! And SPIDERS!!!!!
10) Have you ever repeated a costume and what was it?: VAMPIRE!!!!!
11) Do you believe and ghosts: Yes and no. Depending on what types of stories I hear! LOL
12) Scariest Halloween: When I was trick-or-treating and a guy scared me and popped out at me, I was 6!

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