Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Weekly Roundup!!!!

Hey Guys! This will be all of the posts that my co-owner and I have done over this past week! Incase you missed any, just click the link and it will bring you right to it.


The Cutest MAC Blushes:
Cute Makeup Palettes:
Jayma Mays Emmy Awards Makeup:
Nina Dobrev Emmy Awards Makeup:
Emmy Awards 2011 Fashion Recap:
Movie Monday: Bride Wars:
Books That I Want to Read!:
Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup Look:
25 Things I Want to Do This Fall:
(Late) Friday Favorites:
Kim Kardashian Makeup Look:
Kim Kardashian Makeup Look 2:
Kendall Jenner: Her Best Hair:
Kim Kardashian: Her Best Hair:
Beauty Trends I'm Too Scared to Try:
Magnetic Nail Polish?!?:

Current Lovies:
Demi Lovato Makeup Look:

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