Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Questionnaire!!!! October 10, 2011

Hey Guys! Monday is not my favorite day of the week, and I thought that these posts would make it more fun! I did this inspired by because apparently she does these and I love the idea! I definitely want to do these so feel feel free to comment or e-mail me some questions to do! E-mail:!!!!! This Monday it was pretty warm and nice out for the most part. Can you believe it's already October? I can't! I love the Winter and Fall season more than any other seasons, but Winter has to be my absolute favorite! Enjoy! 

1) Mood: Sad right now because I have a family issue going on that is hard to deal with and I've told people, unfortunately they don't know half of it! 

2) Can you parallel park well?: I can't even drive yet!!! 

3) What is your favorite treat during the Fall/Winter/Holiday Season?: Candy Canes!!!! 

4) Current Nail Polish: Sinful Colors in Easy Going

5) What is your all time favorite TV show?: Awkward. and 90210 (I have tons more though!) 

6) Current outfit: jeans, whit see through top with black tank top underneath, dark blue and black checkered scarf.

7) Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?: I don't know yet. Probably because of the makeup and neighborhood party, so it depends. 

8) What is your natural hairstyle/texture: Wavy hair, soft, silky texture.

9) Where would your dream honeymoon be, (or if you already had yours, where was it)?: Mine would be to Paris and to see the Eiffel tower, and go shopping!!! 

10) Weekly goals: Listen to I'm Sexy and I Know It (Listening to right now), catch up on all my TV shows, watch the Lying Game (catch up). 

E-mail this to me or put it in the comments below!!! 

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