Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Scares: Strawberries and Cream Makeup Look

Hey Guys! This is going to be a (hopefully) quick tutorial on how to get this strawberry look for Halloween! I hope you enjoy! 

Step 1: Start off with a nice foundation to give your skin a clear, glowing affect.
Step 2: Take light shimmering green color and apply that all over your lid.
Step 3: Take a hot pink color and apply that under your eyebrows for an affect of strawberries. 
Step 4: Take a matte dark brown shadow and apply that to your crease. 
Step 5: Take a slightly darker green than the first one and apply that with a small brush to your lower lash line. Blend that color downwards. 
Step 6: Take a liquid or gel eyeliner and apply that to your upper lash line. Don't make a wing unless you would prefer to. 
Step 7: Apply false lashes to your upper lash line. Than take the same liquid/gel liner and go over the lashes with it to cover up the dried glue. This step is of course optional.
Step 8: Take a nice cherry colored blush and apply that to the apples of your cheeks. 
Step 9: Take a strawberry colored gloss and apply that to your lips. 

Split your hair into 2 sections.
Than take a curling iron and curl all of your hair.
Lastly take 2 elastics or hair ties and make 2 separate side ponies. 
Ass hairspray for a final touch. 
*OPTIONAL* Take some temporary hair die and first put green on the tips of your hair. Then put pink when the green is dry! 

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