Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Scares: Neon Makeup

Neon Yellow Look: 
1) Take a matte, very, very pigmented yellow eye shadow and blend out on the lid, not getting in the crease.
2) Take a matte black and apply that directly to your crease, making it BOLD and dark.
3) Then take false lashes with a green tint and apply those to your lashes. Take a gel liner and apply that on your upper lash line and over the lash glue once they dry to make it blend.
4) Take a yellow liquid face makeup and apply that to the highlight of your cheeks. 
5) Take a lime/green eyeliner and fill in your brows completely with that color. 
6) Apply lip balm to your lips! 

Pink Neon Look: 
1) Take a neon pink eye shadow and apply that all over your lid, making sure the color doesn't go past the crease.
2) Take a black eyeliner and apply that thickly on your bottom lash line and top lash line.
3) Take false lashes with a pink tint and apply those. 
4) Take a yellow liquid liner and apply that right under the lower lash line where you put the black eyeliner. Add a slight wing.
5) Take white and neon pink eyeliners, make neat, straight criss-crosses on your face, looking like a tic-tac-toe board!

Grab a bag and enjoy your candy! 

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