Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Scares: Pan Am Flight Attendant

Hey Guys! This Halloween tutorial will be on how to become a Pan Am flight attendant! I hope you enjoy and if you try and of these looks out, please e-mail us the pictures here!!! 

Step 1: Start off with a foundation lighter than your natural skin tone. 
Step 2: Take a gold eye shadow and apply it all over your lids. You could add gold glitter if you would like.
Step 3: Take a black liquid eyeliner and outline your crease are and on your lower lash line. 
Step 4: On the lower lash line, take the liquid eyeliner and make a wing from the lower lash line. 
Step 5: Ten take a shimmery white and apply that to your brow bone. 
Step 6: For cheeks take a nice barbie pink color and apply that right below the apples of your cheeks. 
Step 7: Take a burgundy colored lipstick that's matte, and apply that to your lips. 

Step 1: Buy rollers from the store to put into your hair.
Step 2: Every kit is different so apply the curlers in your hair how it's directed. FOLLOW EVERY DIRECTION! 
Step 3: When it is time to take out the curlers, take them out apply a flight attendants hat. 

Costume: (DIY) 
These are the things that you will need for the outfit. I tried to keep it so that most people would have these things: 

-Any colored pencil skirt (navy blue and blue works best.)
-The exact same color blazer as the skirt. (or you could do white and another color.)
-A loose button up shirt that you can tuck into your skirt.
- Black heels and stockings will finish off the look! 

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