Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Scares: Black Swan

Hey Guys! This Halloween Scares is based upon the look of the girl in Black Swan! Enjoy! 

Step 1: Take a white dace makeup or makeup cream and apply to your entire face with a makeup sponge.
Step 2: Take a black eyeliner or Halloween pencil in black and draw a pointed wing around each eyes. *Use picture as assistance to draw perfect lines*
Step 3: *OPTIONAL* Take a white makeup pencil or eye liner and add some white feathers in between the black ones. 
Step 4: *OPTIONAL* Take red contacts and apply those into your eyes. 
Step 5: Take a purply-black lipstick and apply that to lips. 
Step 6: Apply false lashes.

Step 1: Take hair and put it into a very, very sleek ponytail with no bumps. Turn into a bun.
Step 2: Add hairspray to keep it's hold.
Step 3: *OPTIONAL* Add a tiara on top of your head. 

Costume: (DIY) 
Step 1: Take a black ballerina leotard and take some whit lace and add as a detail by the neck line.
Step 2: Take some black toll and an elastic (or use store bought tutu) and start wrapping around and tying the toll around the elastic. 
Step 3: Take a pair of pointe shoes (look like ballet shoes) and wear those as your shoes! 

Happy Halloween!!! 

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