Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Scares: Frosted Halloween Makeup

Follow these steps to become a frosted queen!

1) Take a matte white eye shadow and apply that all over your lid, blending up past the crease.
2) Smudge the white to your lower lash line.
3) Take a black eyeliner and apply that to your upper and lower lash line. 
4) Take thick, clumpy false lashes and apply those to your eyes! Wait for lash glue to dry. 
5) *OPTIONAL* Take grey contacts and put them on. (Lucky for me, my eyes are just a little bit bluer so I wouldn't have to do this step!) 
6) Apply a light, glowy pink blush apply to the apples of cheeks blending up to the temples.
7) Take a white, frosted lipstick and apply to your lips. 

1) Take a small piece of hair and braid it.
2) Take that braid and flip it to the opposite side of your hair, make sure you secure it with bobby pins.
3) Put the rest of your hair in a slight bun.

I recommend a white, silver, sparkly dress and some silver flats or heels, which ever you prefer for trick-or-treating. 
Also I recommend a white, puffy, feather scarf and wear that! 

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