Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feature Spotlight!:

Hey Guys! This is my 2nd Feature spotlight! This feature spotlight is for!!!! I absolutely love her site and I think that you should definitely check it out! I love it so much! Also I give full credit to her, she made the post that I am about to show you! Enjoy! This is my favorite one that she did! 

Feather Mani

Good morning! I am happy for a fresh new week. Maybe that's because I actually slept last night! So I am back to (hopefully) redeem myself after yesterday's snoozefest of a post. I have been wanting to try this idea for forever and finally picked up some feathers at my local craft store. This is a fairly simple mani to acheive. 

The base for this is Color Club Soft as Cashmere. I know that this look is typically done by sticking the feather in wet topcoat, but my husband had the genius idea to use nail foil adhesive and that was 12487391 million times easier!! Once it's topped off with a nice, thick layer of topcoat, the effect is pretty awesome!

The other thing I loved about this is that it has staying power. I am on day 3 of this mani and the feathers haven't lifted or anything. 

I hope to find some more colorful feathers and try this again sometime. <3

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