Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Scares: Spider Web

Halloween make up for cobwebs

1) Take a matte black eye shadow and to 1 eye, make a black circle, like a raccoon, and make a wing on it. 
2) With a white eyeliner, make a cobweb type shape.
3) Add cosmetic sparkle dot type things and apply those to the ends of the spider web tips.
4) On the other eye, take some false lashes that look like spider feet or take some black, bendable string and put them on the top and bottoms of your lashes with some cosmetic glue. 
5) Add the same sparkle dot things around your eye.
6) Take a nude/pink lip gloss and apply that to your lips. 

Costume (DIY): 
1) Take an inexpensive white dress and make some cuts to it that are big and look good.
2) Take some cotton balls and rip them apart or take that material and pin it to your hair and all over your dress.
3) Take some plastic spiders and take a hot glue gun and glue those to your costume.
5) *OPTIONAL* Take a silver or white headband and glue some fake spiders onto them to make it look like they are in your hair. 
6) For shoes I recommend black rocker boots to give it that edgy vibe. 

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