Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday Questionnaire!!!! October 25th, 2011

Hey Guys! I can't believe it's already the last week of October! There will be a lot going on this week, but I am coming late at you with my Monday questionnaire! Get the full one here! 

1.) Mood: Pretty happy. A little bit of non happiness, but other than that's it's pretty good. 

2.) When making a sandwich, do you care if one of the bread slices is the end of the loaf? It doesn't really bother me, but I prefer the non end pieces.

3.) What is the weather like today? Rainy and partly sunny, dark outside though.

4.) Current nail polish:
Well right now it's candy corn, but I'm going to be painting them to neon yellow and pink. 

5.) What ring setting do you keep your cell phone on at night: loud or silent? (Or the phone completely off?): My phone is always on vibrate, even when I'm awake.

6.) Current outfit: Sweatpants, shirt, moccasins. (It's a sweats kinda day) 

7.) What is your favorite Disney movie?: Ummmmmmmmm The Lizzie McGuire Movie!!! Love Lizzie McGuire!!!! 

8.) Can you whistle using your fingers? Ha! Ya right!

9.) When doing laundry, do you separate loads (lights/darks, delicates, etc.) or throw everything together?: My mom does the laundry, and she separates our clothes. 

10.) Weekly goals: To paint my nails, do more posts, catch up on TV 

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