Friday, October 21, 2011

Makeup for Your Week!

Hey Guys! I thought I could share with you some makeup looks that could wear throughout the week! Enjoy! 

Monday: Cover it Up! 

When your tired, bored, and zoned out, you don't want to be wearing too much makeup. Concealer is perfect just for those tired days. 

Tuesday: Bold Red Lips

Tuesday is a daring day where you would want to wear little or no makeup besides the bright, red bold lip! 

Wednesday: Bold Blush 
You'll want to keep the cheeks bold and take a risk on this day! It's another one of those try it out days! 

Thursday: Bold Eyelashes 

Thursday is getting closer to Friday. On this day i recommend you, again, step out of your comfort zone and get bold lashes! I recommend false eyelashes or multiple mascaras! 

Friday: Glitter it Up! 

This look is perfect for Friday! Especially if your going to a party or having a sleepover, this look is perfect and show your excitement for Friday!!! 

Saturday: Winged Eyeliner 

This is the perfect time to test out your skills on winged eyeliner! 

Sunday: Skincare 

Sunday is the day to give your face a break! Really worry about the skincare products you use because you will have glowing skin for the rest of the week! 

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