Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Victoria Justice: Fashion

I love Victoria Justice and her fashion! I think it is cute, classic, and definitely age appropriate.

1) Light Blue Dress

Super cute and perfect for any age! She looks flawless in this dress!!!

2) Classic Red

This red dress shoes off her more mature, sophisticated side while not looking too old.

3) Pink Pattern

Cute and so adorable. Again she looks her age, but she's not dressed like a 3 year old.

4) Geeky

This shows off her geeky and wild side. She will always stay cute though!

5) Classic White

Keeping all her colors very neutral!

6) Black With Tights

Sparkly black one shoulder dress with black tights is perfect!

7) Teal

This is definitely her color because for one she looks amazing, and two, she always wears it!

8) Silver

Very neutral, but still staying glitterfied!

9) Fun!

She looks like a gorgeous greek/disco goddess!!

10) Nude

All I can say is PERFECT!

11) Cowgirl Boots

Over-sized cable knit sweater with cowgirl boots is so cute!

12) Glam

So glittery and so gorgeous!

13) Glambitious!

All I can say is WOW!

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