Wednesday, October 5, 2011

London Fashion: Emma Watson

Hey Guys! I love Emma Watson and her fashion! I hope you enjoy!!!!

1) Little Gold Dress

Cute and sophisticated. Perfect for Emma's style.

2) Short Dress, Flower Scarf

So pretty, and very risky. I think only some people can pull this look off and she is definitely one of those people!

3) "Tea Party"
Another risky one, but that's what I love about Emma's fashion. She's not afraid to take risks and I think that purple and the blue blend so well together.

4) Elegant and Classy

A cute nude dress with a pop of light blue makes this look tie together so well!

5) Funky Skirt

So fun and cute. This is like Amma Watson's fashion in a bottle!! Haha

6) Shirt and Heels

So cute and perfect for her age. Not to young and not to old.

7) Lace and Teal

So cute and fun! I think that this is one of my favorites! It's so cute and not so sophisticated!

8) Biker

Very sophisticated and showing off her feminine side!!!

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