Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Scares: Vampire

The most common costume.... Don't drink to much "punch." 

1) Take a white face makeup and apply that all over your face.
2) Take a grey eye shadow and apply that to your lid, crease, and smudge to your lower lash line.
3) Apply mascara or false lashes.
4) *OPTIONAL* Take gold contacts and put them on.
5) Take a matte red lipstick and apply that to your lips.

Costume (DIY): 
1) Take a little black dress and put that on.
2) Take fake blood and apply it messily onto your costume.
3) Take sleek black heels and put those on. 

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  1. Awesome blog :)
    I love candycorn! I saw your tweet to elle btw :)
    Stella Rose