Sunday, October 2, 2011

London Fashion: Kate Middleton

Hey Guys! NEW SERIES! Go figure. Every now and then I will be doing somewhere around the world or like shops or like stores and that kind of stuff! I hope you guys enjoy! I love Kate Middleton's style and some things I like more than others!!!!

1) Scarf and Barret

This outfit is not one of my personal favorites, but I do like it and I think that she can pull it off, but a lot of people can't so it depends on who can pull it off and who can't.

2) Skirt and Cardigan

This outfit I think definitely shows off her sophisticated side which is her perfect kind of outfit!  

3) Mixed Colors: Black and Brown

I love how even a princess likes to dress down and be casual and classic! I love this outfit so much and I think that the over-sized bag is a must-have for Fall!

4) Big Hats!

Everyone in London wears these big hats! Personally I don't love them, but I don't hate them either. It's kind of an iffy situation.

5) Trench-coat and Boots!
Another "classic" look that I love and think that almost anyone could pull off! This is one of my particular favorites!

6) Jeans with a Cardigan

Another casual look sets the tone with how I feel about her fashion style!

7) Plaid Skirt

This reminds me of a Burberry perfume bottle! I think it is definitely classy, but with some risks that she took.

8) Sleek Dress

One of my all-time favorite dresses that Kate has ever worn! I think she can definitely pull it off!

9) Singed Loose Dress
Another one of my faves!!! I think that she looks stunning in this dress and I think that if I had to choose one, this would be my favorite.

10) Purple Dress

So elegant looking and with her hair up makes her look so sophisticated!

11) Black on Black

Perfect for a party and to just hang out with some friends! I love this one too!

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