Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Weekly Roundup!!!!

Hey Guys! In case you might have missed any posts we did, I will be leaving links to all of them, and don't forget to enter the contest which ends October 9th!

Contest!!! Ends October 9th-
My Favorite Beauty Bloggers-
Kendall Jenner Best Outfits!-
Ariana Grande: Her Best Poses-
Fall Loves TAG!-
Movie Monday: The Nanny Diaries-
I Want It!!! Volume 1-
A Fun-Filled Fall: Starbuck's Coffee Caramel Apple Cider!-
MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday Collection 2011!-
Friday Favorites-
Halloween TAG!-
MAC Ice Parade Holiday Collection 2011!-
MAC Dazzlspheres Holiday Collection 2011!-
Breast Cancer Awareness Month!-
Nina Dobrev: Her Best Hair-
Lady Gaga Craziest Outfits!-

*TAGGED* Fall Loves TAG!-

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